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"My son and daughter have enjoyed attending Open Air Studios from toddlerhood to adolescence. Elaine’s classes have given my kids the chance to express their feelings and ideas with exciting high quality materials in a beautiful and peaceful setting. They have each come away with lifetime friends, improved confidence and enhanced self knowledge.
Elaine’s summer camps go deeper and provide enrichment that goes beyond fine art and into culture, architecture, language and movement.
No matter what professions my children choose, Elaine has made art a permanent part of their lives."
Mary Loughlin


"We've been a part of Elaine's classes at Open Air Studios for many years. All three of my children have participated both in camps and after school classes from pre-school years to teenagers. At Open Air Studios, my children have always been challenged to explore their artistic talent and to see the art around them and within themselves. We couldn't be happier with Elaine's classes and camps and highly recommend them to everyone."

Gabriella Kalaitzdis, mother of Zoesofia, Elaina and Theo



"All 3 of my children have loved going to Open Air Studios.  Some just attended summer camp but my one little artist literally grew up there taking a weekly class from kindergarten all the way through 6th grade.  Elaine’s art class was her safe place - where she could explore many different artistic mediums yet create art in her own way at her own pace.  Under Elaine’s gentle guidance my daughter’s creativity and knowledge of art blossomed.  Summer camps, including architecture camp have been extremely creative and a lot of fun for my three children! We are so happy we found Open Air Studios!"

Kimberly Perttula 

"My two children have taken classes with Elaine throughout their childhood and have loved every year, and every class.  

Elaine introduced both children to all types of art including architecture, sculpture, portraiture, and painting from nature.  

They have come home over the years with the most fantastic creations that are beautiful expressions of their creativity!  We have a few favorite pieces up in the house and we enjoy them every day.   Open-Air-Studios gave them a great introduction to so many types of artistic expression-- what a great way to open the door to further exploration and artistic development!"

Louise Mingenbach

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