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Summer Camps 2021
Welcome back!

June 21st-25th


This popular camp will give young architects a chance to create their own model home using foam core, wood, fabric, tile and many other materials. We will also have fun furnishing and decorating the interiors of the houses and landscaping the outside areas. Join us for architectural adventures for the first, second or third time. It's always fun to create a new architecture project!


June 28th-July 2nd


If you love animals, both real and imagined, you will enjoy creating sculptures and paintings using your creativity. We will use clay, plaster, recycled materials, wire and paint to make wonderful and fun whimsical creatures.


August 9th-13th



August 16th-20th


This week, we will explore the art of textiles in other cultures. Each child will build a wood loom and make a weaving, an art from many different cultures, using beautiful yarns and other materials. We will use paints to make designs on fabric after looking at Asian and African textiles. We will also look at and create Molas, an art from Panama and Central America. We will then use collage to make our own textile creations. 

Please bring a hammer to camp this week. 


All camps will have limited enrollment and be held both outside and inside my open air studio. 

Camps will be open to 6 to 12 year olds.

Time: 10AM to 3PM 

Price will be $480 per week, payable upon enrollment. If your schedule changes, you may change to another camp this summer but there will be no refunds available.


Please email Elaine to enroll: or call 310 463 1383


Hope to see you this summer!

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